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How to Find Philosophy Departments

Ready to begin looking for somewhere to study philosophy after high school? There are a number of great college search engines that can help you narrow down your options.


Look for sites like BigFuture that let you search schools by major.

Tips and Tricks for the Search Process:

• It’s important to think about what type of

learning environment you will function best in.

Big research universities often have a very

different vibe than small liberal arts colleges.

Be sure to factor this in as you search.

• Visit the philosophy department websites for

schools you might be interested in. Look to see how their programs are structured and what topics you can study there. Also look for opportunities a school has for you to engage in philosophy beyond the classroom like journals, conferences, and clubs.


• Always try to visit the schools you’re most excited about. Definitely try to sit in on a philosophy class. Meet with a member of the philosophy department if possible. This can really give you a better idea of what your experience will be like at a particular school.


• Talk to someone who is currently studying philosophy about their experience. Ask to see if it is possible to sit down with a student when scheduling your visit to the university.

Click the picture above to take you to a site that will help you find philosophy departments.

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