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Why Study Philosophy in College?

College is a chance to take your philosophy studies to the next level. College-level philosophy is not only an opportunity for tremendous personal growth, it can also set you up for career success:

Career Earnings

Philosophy is one of the best majors for developing highly sought-after skills such as written and verbal communication, abstract thinking, and problem solving. This translates to higher average mid-career salaries than all other non-STEM majors, around $85,100 per year.


Grad School

Thinking about grad school? Philosophy majors receive some of the highest scores on a variety of tests grad schools look at for admission including the GMAT, LSAT, and GRE

On the GRE, philosophy majors ranked number one in both the analytical writing and verbal portions of the test. The average score for analytical writing out of a possible 6 was 4.4 for philosophy majors, and, out of the 170 possible points, the average score on the verbal section was 160. Even in the quantitative section, with math and other analytical questions, philosophy majors, on average, did better than business majors with an average score of 153 out of 170, tyeing with biology majors.

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